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What Makes us Different?


It seems that in a world of big business, bulldozing for profit is the norm.

Corners are cut, values are skewed.

We have to make a living, so it's part of it, but we think it's so important to stick to lasting values other than money. Because one of ours is being honest and authentic, we are here to transparently tell you what makes us different than the big huge online health food stores.

Triple bottom lines: People, Planet, Profit are becoming rare. But we won't give in.


We have noticed that even in health food store settings, that PURITY gets overlooked. To combat that, we are constantly trying to figure out how we can bring in the most nutritious products with top of the line, minimal, quality ingredients.

If we can get a cleaner option, we will. If we aren't happy with the green washing of some products we bring in, we will stop carrying them. Plain and simple.

What we put in, on, and around our bodies has one of the greatest impacts on our ability to live a whole, healthful life. 


Because we are a small, family run company, living by faith to make this thing come alive, we can't be everything that these huge companies are. And we are honest about that.

We uphold authenticity in business partnerships and enjoy being human online.

In an age of distorted Instagram realities, humans being transparent can refresh and restore.  

We believe in informed decision making, providing you with ample information about each product, so you can make good choices. 


We seek to build a culture, even online, that bands like minded people together to make a change. 

We believe that despite the short falls of dehumanization and disconnection, technology and online presence gives us a grace in teaching further, deeper and wider across the country.

We will innovate ways to bless regular customers, and build relationships with them.

We will create opportunities to make real, practical change in the world, with the click of a button during your shopping experience. 

We will give our friends around us the opportunity to operate in their gifting, choosing to spend money hiring local photographers instead of download from Google. Choosing to stay small and humble, instead of cutting corners with robots.


Thanks for being here, and choosing Roots & Fruits. When you do, know that you are supporting a real life family, with real life people they are giving opportunities to, annnnnd supporting incredbile, top notch companies that deserve to grow. 🫶

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