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We have HIGH standards 🙊


What? You only launched a month ago and you're already clearing stuff out? 

Yes, it's true. This weekend we implemented a CLEARANCE section that's now got discounted stuff. Some of it we will bring back in, but we wanted to tell you why we are NOT bringing some products back.

The short answer is that we have high standards.

We believe that living counter-culturally produces good fruit.

That a home free from toxins is a safe space to heal and grow.

Hey you! Thanks for checking in.

We know that there are TONS of "low-tox" marketed products out there that really aren't all that "low-tox" and that's why we are where we are. There are some items we brought in to start because we had access to them and were just excited to buy stuff for the shoppe and get going.


As we have grow this first month (which by the way has been incredible, thank you,) we have realized more and more that sticking to our values makes us different. And we are going to do so relentlessly.


Reality is, we can do better than C16-18 glycer and hydroxyethyl methylammonium methyl sulfates. So we are going to.


Plain and simple.

There are cleaner alternatives, and we are going to find them, bring them in, and sell them knowing that we are giving people only the best.


So we're moving a couple things out and making room for SO much more.


Thank you so much for being here. We are deeply grateful that this is our life, every day. It ain't always easy starting something new and taking risks as a family. But we consider it a deep honour to pack your orders and nourish and equip you all to live out a life of nurturing good roots.



- josee & jared

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