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It's a hard-knock life, importing!


We can't believe we're finally taking up space on the internet. It's surreal. Buuuuuuut we are also a little disappointed. It's been a challenge to see all the products we want to get here. 

We'll tell you more.

Driving across the border

A few months ago we started working hard at importing products to Canada. We purchased stuff, and had a plan. But the plan failed. 

As you can see, we have had several unsuccessful attempts at driving things across the border without cutting political corners.

We honour and respect the systems in place, but they are hard to work around.

We just want you to know we have some EPIC stuff coming. 

Here are some of things we HOPE to have in the next couple months:

  • Serenity Kids
  • Sprout Organic Formula
  • Little & Brave Clothing
  • Nest Diapers
  • Elims Toothpaste
  • Dryft Mouthtape
  • Supernatural Dye-Free Frosting
  • Siete Foods

   . . . . . and more!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our current selection. We know it isn't extensive, but that's life with tight values. We aren't gonna compromise. We are here for the long game. We won't give up or give in.

Come along for the ride!

- josee xxx

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