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Little Update from the Team


Hey Roots & Fruits Community. Jared & Josee here.

We are SO grateful for our first three months serving you. It has been a wild ride, and to be honest, we are not surprised at how well it's gone. While we were pretty certain this would be a roaring success, the fact that it's gone so well hasn't been without challenge or unexpected hurdles.

Because of that, we are going through what many businesses do at the start: struggling to find a reasonable rhythm to re-order, keep things stocked, and fine tune which products to spend money on.

As we do so, we are totally aware that there is SO much out of stock. While we get that it's probably annoying at times for you, the customer, we really feel like it's a good problem to have.

Honestly, even though we launched this store, it felt more like the conception of a baby... right now we are "pregnant" with so many big and exciting aspects of growth, and in a couple months, I think you'll see what we mean...

With that in mind, we wanted to let you know what's coming down the pipe for this year. Let us know, what are YOU most excited about?

  • Membership - with subscription options for monthly "regulars"
  • Podcast - we are excited to start having convos with some of our suppliers, so you can hear the stories behind your favourite products
  • Major restocks - we are seeing what you like, and fully responding to that by placing massive orders on our hottest stuff
  • New items - we are preparing for a HUGE influx of exciting new products in the coming months... we can't WAIT for you to see what's in store...
  • In person events - we are starting to plan for events outside our area - if you want to see a pop up in your nearest city, shoot us a message with your favourite market/tradeshow event and we'll put it on our radar
  • Seamless integration between Roots & Fruits arms - wellness, podcast, market - we are cleaning up our branding act and making it less confusing for y'all

Life is full with this store, our wellness practice, a podcast, a toddler, and so much more. But we wouldn't trade it. It's a joy to be making a mark.

We are enjoying some mid-winter warm weather here in Southern Alberta, and hope that whatever the weather, you would know warmth and comfort today. Through an elixir, a big hug, or a meaningful conversation.

We are SO excited to serve you this year and cannot wait to see what you think of all the big things coming.... 

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