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Meet Tannis & Matt from Boom Baby!

We are Matt and Tannis Leitch, from Lethbridge, Alberta - and we are making vegetables easier for parents to give, and more fun for babies and toddlers to eat
We founded Boom Baby after our second son was born.
We realized there was a lack of convenient nutritious real food for our boys. We saw the need to make great baby food and to support our local farms around us. So we went to work!
We source mostly local and mostly organic ingredients from farms in Southern Alberta. It's nice to be able to visit the farms and talk to them about how they are growing their produce.
We take those awesome vegetables to our little shop and cook, blend and freeze dry the products. The freeze drying allows us to not use preservatives which is something we felt passionate about after reading the ingredients on all other baby foods.
Clean ingredients that you know and can pronounce was high on our priority list, so we kept it simple and stuck to whole foods (how it should be in our opinion). 😉
We love being able to give products to parents out there who need a convenient snack, treat, or meal without sacrificing nutrition. It's our goal to help this next generation grow up loving vegetables.
We're pumped to be on Roots & Fruits Market and get into more of your homes!

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